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In the spring of 2007, a comprehensive study began. Our Team respectfully named it the Kiva Project. The project dedicated thousands of hours of observation.

Kiva Project Objectives:

I. Determine influences of the First Nations on culture and communication styles within the First Nations Casinos.

II. Based on understanding the First Nations culture and communication styles

A) What positive influences did the First Nations culture and communication style on the casino culture.

B) What areas of the casino culture diverged from First Nations culture and communication style.

C) What solutions were attempted, what worked and didn’t work?

D) What new solutions might be created?

III. What conflicts or blending does the First Nations culture have with the Digital Generation culture?

A) Are there more similarities than differences?

B) What might they learn from each other?

C) How could each more value each other?

IV. Publish the preliminary findings.

A) Communicate observations to the First Nations Casinos and Governing Bodies

B) Co-Create new solutions based upon the findings.

C) Provide information of the application of First Nations wisdom, to all First Nations businesses.

The Kiva Project

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