In 2017, It will be 25 years since my first book tour began in Florida, speaking 26 times in 45 days all over the state of Florida. While I brought great knowledge for the first 25 years to churches in 42 states, after deep spiritual growth for the last ten years, I also bring resurrected wisdom vital for today. I have been blessed with a Miracle of Phenomenal Renewal. The story of the Miracle of my renewal is attached, and I am now offering the path to health I have discovered to others to create a miracle in their lives. As you can see, I have some dates picked to share in Florida. It blends will with my speaking at a Convention in Florida in July. My third book is eyeTalk™ – Bridging from Communication to Connection. My communication workshops really help people connect.

Compelled to share my path of miraculous renewal with as many people as possible, I have created two Qigong videos, and plan on offering the exercises in addition to my previous workshops on Communication and Mastermind. My media kit to help people less familiar with my work is located at . I do Qi gong an hour or two per day, and will lead a class, for love offering during the day at several times, to allow many people to experience this miracle of renewal and balancing.

I continue to offer, marketing materials printed for your church, 6 foot signage sent in advance, and my NO minimum option along with several new opportunities:

• The Team Building Option – A Free customized service Board/Leader Retreat –Saturday before,
• The Fun Fund Raising Option – Sunday workshop with 80% going to church, and other percentage rest of workshop days.
• The Attendance Building Option – Two for One Tickets – encouraging new people attendees,
• The Community Outreach Option – working with local school or PTA for ADD & ADHD students, fund raiser for them. Bonus
• The Social Media/Marketing Option – with local media and bookstore signings to build excitement. Bonus

I have dates in July 2017 and February 2018 for Florida as best for me, might either of those work? Attached are an agreement and a flyer sample. The dates will fill fast as there are only eight in two years. If you call, I have a special extra gift whether we can finalize a date or not.

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John Meluso Jr. CSP - Author & Discoverer of the 4 hidden languages!