Dear web designer and social media expert,

One thing that is important to me is that we have a long term relationship and that you believe in the product I am selling I have four products ready to begin selling and I am a publisher which with success there will be others at a similar solutions framework. While shall do one website and product at a time - I shall offer websites and with different products and allow each to start with one to complete - each will have all positives and negatives and will evaluate each one and allow you a choice. While I am happy to pay for the site and three months of maintenance the sites must produce - production is based upon functioning website - Seo - outreach with social media and video posts and of course the marketing niche - the offers and the content. we can talk details and let me get all products ready and you can choose one.  I see all sites as marvelously successful and since each web designer will have rewards for success we want all to be successful.

More on the projects later . . . 

Scope of Work

First and foremost, I wish a long-term partnership, I would prefer to both of us making money, rather than just one. I want to know who I am dealing with beyond tech knowledge and skills, please tell me about yourself, your family include letters of reference It is best if you have read the product we will be selling and you think it has potential.

  • Technically, I wish to order a ten page website, using Thrive Themes, with also, membership affiliate pages, and funnel pages for upsells and reselling pages.  It may include, quizzes, tests , testimonials, and be able to present those in an easy to use fashion to have others sell.
  • Make sure site works at managewp, with backup and restore as well as updating plugins.
  • Change generated page and automated email
  • Test and DeBug DAP – membership plugin – we have a premium membership relationship with DAP and use them freely.
  • Create and Change pages in DAP making Click funnel – membership site, these could be as many as 20 funnel and affiliate pages.
  • Find keywords together and configure SEO plugin
  • Configure Next Step Plugin with Social Media & Hoot Suite schedule for posts especially using syvid software to post with multiple sites easily.
  • Make sure you keep updating cloudfare & SSL settings
  • Double check ecommerce shopping cart paypal
  • Configure Security Plugin - Protocol
  • Configure email capture
  • Setup Cron Job for email blast autoresponder
  • Super Cache configure
  • WickedCool Plugins, make reccommendations & install
  • Next integrate video content that is hosted on AWS, had it working and now seems to not be working now once I tried to resurrect the site and the video lessons,
  • Want to have quiz after viewing each module, there are five modules now one to create
  • Need to upload one video not on AWS - upload your course content (Module, Lessons & Chapters)
  • Need Thrive apprentice integration with possible for Low Cost Setup
  • Need testing of Payment gateway Integration- Smart Pay cart
  • Need testing of Integrate Membership Plugins Digital Access Pass, Lots of videos
  • Set up single payment course setup with upsell funnel
  • Automatic send User Login details after purchase course
  • Free Questionaire and AI generated book based upon quiz answers. Free to increase subscriber email list
  • Enable content restriction for their respective purchase.
  • Functionalize Autoresponder Connection like with built in Digital Access pass  autoreponder.
  1. Plugins
    1. Adsense don’t have yet
    2. Akismet have
    3. All-in-one SEO pack have not working yet
    4. Amazon don’t have integration
    5. ClickBank – thought of adding
    6. Contact form 7 not using
    7. Facebook have account not integrated yet
    8. GetResponse don’t know
    9. Gravity Forms don’t know
    10. Instagram not using yet integration
    11. LinkedIn – have account not integrated
    12. Mailchimp using autoresponder in DAP
    13. Opencart – using Smartpaycar
    14. Paypal using and working
    15. Twitter have account not connected
    16. Vimeo not using yet
    17. W3 Total Cache Not using yet
    18. WooCommerce – using digital access pass and smart pay cart
    19. WordPress SEO by Yoast – have installed not using yet difference between yoast and All in One
    20. YouTube – have account key support will be video shorts to all social media via syvid software.
    21. – thrive themes
  2. Website type
    1. Business – yes
  3. Website features
    1. Marketing yes
    2. Payment yes
    3. Blog  yes
    4. Customer support  yes
    5. Shipping – this needs discussion.
    6. Analytics not using yet and would be valuable
    7. Video – definitely part of the strategy
    8. Chat Not sure if needed
    9. ChatGPT might be interesting to integrate – dap has new plugin

        Admin for this site - is same structure as others, 

User name [email protected]

Password Succe$$2024#

Partner Programs 

All of them while the tech is functioning didn’t spend time on design used thrive themes because of functions.

None of them really are pleasing and the design and Seo and social media connections not input. .

How best can you choose which websites you might wish? Do you wish to run through fiverr? Do you wish to see the books? Do you wish to see the books or the offers or the videos I already have?

Something’s to think about later today or tomorrow will send website names logins and product if you wish

The Offer

While I am the first to admit, I am NOT a master of tech, I am a master of choosing what is helpful for people, and only market what I know is proven to help others. All of the projects below qualify under that criteria. Each one has its pluses and minuses. I will give all interested web designers copies of all the eBooks, and the plan. Each will have the domain, and be paid for a completed working website at the agreed upon rate, and shall receive $100 per month maintenance or 10% of the proceeds from the site, whichever is greater. If after three months, the 10% proceeds are less than $100 then we must renegotiate or cancel. At the beginning of the maintenance, set the goal you seek to reach and if you surpass that 20% of the proceeds shall be yours. Since 30% will be used as affiliate reward and we are starting the chain, we can share the 30% from web sales, sales from affiliates could surpass the required goal, thus the 10% shall be minimum. Affiliate commissions are first tier 20% - second tier (sales by affiliates of my affiliate) are 10%. We shall be the first and second tier.