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In 2017, It will be 25 years since my first book tour began in Florida, speaking 26 times in 45 days all over the state of Florida in 1992. While I brought great knowledge for the first 25 years to churches in 42 states, after deep spiritual growth for the last ten years, I also bring resurrected wisdom vital for today. Blessed with a Miracle of Phenomenal Renewal, even I am amazed and I went through it.  My Miracle Story  is downloadable. Click Here.  I am now offering the path to health I have discovered to others to create a miracle in their lives.  My third book is eyeTalk™ – Bridging from Communication to Connection.  My communication workshops are proven miraculous bridge builders between  people.

Compelled to share my path of miraculous renewal with as many people as possible, I have created two Qigong videos, and plan on offering the exercises in addition to my previous workshops on Communication and Mastermind.  My media kit to help people less familiar with my work is located all on this webpage to easily share with others.

Qi Gong an hour or two per day, and will lead a class, for love offering during the day at several times, to allow as  many people as possible to experience this miracle of renewal and balancing.

Hope we can connect on a date on my “Rise with Fresh Life Tour.”

My Rise with Fresh Life tour includes:

  • My Signature Story Footprints with a Twist, or one of Two new Sunday Sermons, Love Pain Stop Suffering, miracles with my own healing, Speak my Language, Please, solving the  pain of miscommunications. My  tools and benefits of Building Bridges of Communication in my own life , are personal, entertaining stories crafted with the same skill and talent demonstrated with the popular Footprints with a Twist.
  • Two new workshops –
    • An additional evening workshop  Fresh Life Solutions – Discover enriched vitality with ancient wisdom combined with amazing new technology . . .
    • Wellness Qi Gong – easy to learn exercises twice during the day for profound wellness benefits.
  • Elevate Using Might Words in John Meluso’s latest book, The Divine Secret, the Legend of Og.
  • Recover the Treasure of your Hidden Languages of eyeTalk™ and the hidden languages of those in your life!
  • Enrich life by Empowering Accountability with The Next Step for Positive Living, using the 12 steps towards your Greatest!  Continuing the Tradition of Masterminding by Reverend Jack Boland, including John’s guilt free accountability system.

I continue to offer, marketing materials printed for your church, 6 foot signage sent in advance, and my NO minimum option along with several new opportunities:

  • The Team Building Option –Using a customized service Board/Leader Retreat –Saturday before,
    • The Fun Fund Raising Option – Sunday workshop with 80% going to church,
    • The Attendance Building Option – Two for One Tickets – encouraging new people attendees,
    • The Community Outreach Option – working with local school or PTA for ADD & ADHD students,
    • The Social Media/Marketing Option – with local media and bookstore signings to build excitement
  • Also, using the Internet, Ongoing Support for Workshop Participants, amplifies effectiveness. See

The story about The Divine Secret, the Legend of Og:

After reading Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, my life changed forever. In his book, Og introduced the Ten Sacred Scrolls.

The idea of the Ten Sacred Scrolls had such an impact on me that as the years went by, I began to wonder what would happen if these Sacred Scrolls were actually real – not just something Og invented.

Now, in the tradition of the Da Vinci Code, The Secret and The Greatest Salesman in the World, I offer you the amazing story of a mysterious stranger’s gift. I have discovered that not only were the Ten Sacred Scrolls real, and their actual meaning, which had been lost after numerous translations from the ancient mother tongue, held divine treasures about how to think and how to speak. More surprises await as well!

We hope this web page answers all your questions and electronically serves the same manner of the traditional media kit.

With over twenty two years of delivering sermons and workshops, I am one of only 600 Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide. You will certainly enjoy his signature story, Footprints with a Twist (click to listen) or his new messages, “Love Pain, Stop suffering, or Speak my Language, Please.

Becoming Your Greatest! The Secrets Await Discovery, (click for ebook)

audio sample of Becoming Your Greatest Workshop (click for audio file)

eyeTalk™ Bridging from Communication to Connection?”  (click for ebook) and our workshops offer vital understanding and practical solutions. For additional information , click on the following links:

The Next Step for Positive Living (click for audio sample)
and The Next Step  Workshop (click for audio sample.)

What eye pattern are you?   Take the profile and be amazed by what others think of your communication style!


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Additionally, we seek to provide A NEW STANDARD of marketing support to not only make a successful event for us both, we seek to attract new people to your church!

A six foot poster with stand like this link

And 100 full color flyers like this

Other Public Relations ideas, 

And similar full color bulletin inserts, with even the possibility of tickets that could be sold off site.  All could add to media coverage in Social Media and Traditional efforts. We realize you don’t have a lot of extra time, so let’s work together wisely.

I shall call back to see what other questions you might have.  Or certainly feel free to call me at 505-565-5899 or email [email protected] the dates will certainly fill fast for 2018. There are only so many weekends and ONLY ONE me!

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John Meluso CSP
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We can even include a Home Made Spaghetti feed benefit!

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