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Four Hidden Languages

With over thirty years of research and practice in communication styles, John Meluso, developed Connect and Be Wealthy with eye TALK correctly identifying “Four Hidden Language Styles.” The language style differences are very subtle and the effects profound.

Additionally, each language style has four distinct and different dialects.
John found that every person speaks their unique language style and dialect. When the speaker at least attempts to speak the listener’s “language style and dialect,” you develop much more rapport.

I am sure you see the importance in every area of business and in life this skill affects!
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The Rayid Method

eye TALK™is based upon Denny R. Johnson, the founder of the Rayid method, groundbreaking work in What the Eye Reveals. The Rayid Method and the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming are uniquely combined to provide a powerful communication tool to bridge from communication to connection.

eye TALK™is a powerful and effective skill whose time has come! Are you using this technology to support sales, service & better teamwork?

“The future will prove Rayid a leader in counseling techniques. Using it along with what we know about human behavior, we can more wholly problem-solve and integrate questions on educational, career and marital choices and how to change personal, familial or parental attitudes and behavior.”

Hester Lewis, MD.*
Former Instructor, School of Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School